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Aglow, Web Summit and being an advocate for women

por doinconformismo, em 03.12.16

(this post deliberately written in english, can be found in portuguese here )


It has been roughly a month since I had the opportunity to be in Aglow International (Portugal) Conference, followed right after by Web Summit 2016.

In the first conference I gladly met women who braved up to assume their part in this world as people of hope and faith, speaking for those who have no voice, living their feminality along with the function they believe they exist for. There are so many women and men in the word who haven't yet assumed who they really are, who haven't yet decided to live up to honor their purpose for being in this world.

But there they were, those immensely brave women, speaking of how it was like to be themselves. Awesome! I was so blessed to be challenged by each one of them, especially Sara Catarino, Aglow Portugal president and a true inspiration for many women, that I went home considering that there was certainly something else that I should be doing. Especially because I was named Women Advocate last year and I am really taking that seriously.

And then there was Web Summit. Much has been said about this conference but I probably went through those days on a different perspective. The truth is I really went there to meet people. Which I did. Loads of people. And I understood that even having many women in tech, there were very few women of tech. And that really made me wonder. So when Sarah Williams asked us what would we be doing about women in tech, I came up with the ideia of putting up a talk explaining what women can bring to DevOps and Lean Development, hoping that this will help bring more women into tech and tech functions.

I still was putting it all together when I went to a DevOps event with Donovan Brown last week and I asked him his thoughts about the main reasons why there are so few women in the tech industry, especially leaders. We came to the conclusion that there are so few women coding that one can only expect not to meet much women in the next levels, like scrum masters.

So this is the time. I hope to have the materials ready by the end of january, and I'm counting on your support!

I'd love to hear your opinions, suggestions, questions. Please feel free to comment on these ideas!

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